Hey everyone!

I know I've been quiet on this page for a while, but now I'm back again! After returning home from 2 1/2 months and 11k miles of the "Now I'm Free" tour right around this time last year, I dug in deep to finish the build out of my new recording studio, and was glad to have that work to do while self isolating during the pandemic surge that hit NY earlier this year. My last two albums were recorded almost completely live in the studio (Through These Waves was done at The Bomb Shelter in East Nashville and Now I'm Free was at Skinny Elephant Recording in Ingelwood, TN) with amazing musicians including, Joachim Cooder, Chris Scruggs, Kim Richey, Laur Joamets, Will Kimbrough, Erin Rae, Eamon McGloughlin, Brent Burke, Neilson Hubbard, Michael Rinni, Jonah Tolchin and more, but a live recording wasn't an option this time around with the Covid looming. So, after getting the studio here in NY up and running, I started recording the basic tracks, acoustic guitar and vocals, for 14 new songs for my next album. Recording solo is such a different process than recording live with a band but, again, I'm glad to have been able to do it at a time when the recording couldn't have been safely started otherwise. Now that the basic tracks are done, I'll be reaching out to ask some old and new friends to add their instruments to these recordings, in ways that only they can. Hearing your own songs breathing through other artists' voices, is an indescribable thing. Music is a universal language all it's own and I'm excited to have finally arrived at this phase of the creative process and to be moving closer still, to releasing these new songs for you to hear and enjoy. No one can say what the future will bring in these uncertain times, but one thing remains certain... there will always be new music to keep us all alive and strong. Check back here again for updates on the new record. Be well, stay safe and vote smart. 

Bill S.


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