1. Now I'm Free

From the recording Now I'm Free


Now I’m Free © 2017 Bill Scorzari
The way my mind’s been turnin' 'round, I feel like I'm about to break. I'm growin’ tired of tryin' to figure out how or what to learn from my mistakes. There're so many I've made, it's a hard way of livin' and I've become a bleeding stone. I said, "How much more can I take? How much more must I give in for just bein' tired of bein' alone?" I'm tired of bein' alone. So, I stood there by the waterfall flowing from the bridal veil, with an angel dressed in rags. She said, "To hell you ride," and to hell we sailed, and we never did look back. And she said, "Every word I say is true and someday you will see, spending all of our time always tryin' to break through, leaves us no time for tryin' to break free, and it's time to break free." So, now I'm looking for a way to see, clearly, inside my own heart, and give the same view to you, the one that's been true, forever, from the start, where small towns and blue roses and the sound of your voice haunt me like pictures of home, where I've never been one of the lucky ones, where my pride's all that's keepin’ me goin'. It's all that's keepin’ me goin'. And I've had to walk in the rain. I've had to hide from the sun. When thunder comes, I've got to run from the sky. I'm not tired, I'm just low, so, I just wannna close my eyes and just be. And you see me caged by my anger and bound by my fear, and with the touch of your hand and the warmth of your breath in my ear, you whisper, "Darlin', it's time to break free." And, now I'm free.