1. One More Time

From the recording Now I'm Free


One More Time © 2018 Bill Scorzari
I’ve torn down your walls and crashed through your doors, I’ve run down your halls and crawled across your floors with smoke in the air and fire in our minds, but when I look for you there now, I just can’t seem to find you. You said, “I’m trapped in this room and the temperature’s risin’. If you don’t come for me soon and unleash the tide, I guess that I’ll be okay. I guess that I’ll still survive. I guess I’ll just be on my way now, one more time.” And, now it seems I’ve lost my way. Nothing is the same. Yeah, I’m looking all around me, but there’s no sense to what I see. And I know that our survival comes down to this: there might be just minutes left to find you, but no way to know if you’re still in it. And In that moment new visions are forming, the sounds all around me are different now, and yet all my old thoughts are still more what I am. And, while everything’s changing the memories remain, then they’re suddenly over again except for the way they remind me of where you came in. And then I look in your eyes and I know where you stand. Yeah, I told you I would find you and I’m still doin’ the best I can to tear down these walls and crash through your doors, with fire in our minds, one more time.