1. Yes I Will

From the recording Now I'm Free


Yes I Will © 2018 Bill Scorzari
…and, I am so far along these days that the winds of that old hurricane feel to me, to be just like a slight summer breeze, and I am thinking that right now, rising up out of these ashes just seems so damn overrated. And, I know these thoughts will come and that they will go again, and yes, I know, yes, I can still chase the harder days away with just some paper and a pen, the way the sun will rise and embrace the white moon in its own black skies, and then there’ll be no need to try to make me smile. Won’t you help me to more easily reveal my broken soul? Oh, no, don’t you stop me if you think I overstate the shape I’m in, ‘cause I have come to learn that two is one and one is all I am walking these wilds with you here hand-in-hand again, where all the holding on is in the letting go. And so, yes, I will. And, I’ve decided to stay a while with the Osprey and the Crow, as they rest here in the deadwood, side-by-side, knowing the knower is the known. You are my, “Fly away from here,” my dears. You are my, “Heading home.” You are my, “Waiting for this moment to arise and to confess you are my song, you are my tenderness.” You are my, “This is where I do belong.” You are my, “Your love makes me strong.” You’re my, “We’ll all soon be gone.” So, yes, I will. Yes, I will. Yes, I will. Hmmm, yes, I will. Yes, I will. Yes, I will. I watched the wind pick up and grab a wave and start pushin’ it down the coast to where I came crashing on the shore today, quietly still shushing my old ghosts. A quieter time, in a day or so, surely will come and yes, I know, when it’s within my grasp or on its way, I’ll be still dealing with all things today and so, I know, I just must let it come to me all on its own. And so, yes, I will. And if I can’t escape this loneliness that’s made its way inside my chest, I guess I may as well embrace it and just try my best to see if maybe we might get along and take some comfort in each other’s arms. I guess I can, if I could just learn to be content knowing you’ll always be my longest friend, forever still. Say, “Yes I will,” and yes, I will. Hmmm, yes, I will. Hmmm, yes, I will. Yes, I will. Yes, I will. Chasing after the stories of the myth of my father, sharing the laughter and a warm breeze with a kiss from my mother, I set out to sit down by my favorite tree, out of the hot summer sun, to watch the honesty of the dragonfly as it comes and it goes and it comes back again to get its day done, flying so steadfast in the wind, hovering and darting and darting and hovering again, as if just laughing and saying, “Yes, I can. Yes, I can. Yes, I can. Yes, I can. And so, yes, I will. Yes, I will. Yes, I will.” Washed in years of tears flowing greater than the oceans, said the mountain to that old hurricane, “Go on and take your best shot. Give me all that you’ve got and I will just stand here and take it, and yes, I will still remain free.” As for me, I’m still so damn unhappy about my own temperament in these trying situations. And the storm it came, and then it went, and the mountain sighed and we both stood there intent on standing still, and that’s when I heard the mountain cry out and I heard it echo through the hills, and it said, “Yes, I will.” And, so, yes, I will. Yes, I will. Yes, I will. ‘Cause, in the freedom of your heart, is where you’ll find that you can choose whichever spirits you will trust to keep your light. And so, no, now, I don’t pray to angels and to thoughts of devils, well, I pay no mind. There are a million stars above my head and they’re all spread out in a line. From time to time, you’ve got to let the darkness go to let ‘em shine. So, will you let ‘em shine? Will you let ‘em shine? Will you let ‘em shine? Say, “Yes, I will.” Yes, I will. Yes, I will. Hmmm, yes, I will. Yes, I will. Yes, I will. And now I see it clear. We are this endless gathering of strangers here and our message is our lives as we search through the tree rings that hold the record of our time. So, listen, all you prisoners of hope on earth, your suffering is nothing more than just a continuous birth into this vast and swirling universe where we are all so fragile. We are the children of the burning stars of eternity, and, so, yes, I will. Hmmm, yes, I will. Yes, I will. Yes, I will. Hmmm, yes, I will. Yes, I will. Yes, I will. Because, if life was always gain and never cost, well, I’d just miss missing you, and I’d be lost, and so for every coin that I will not get tossed, I am that much more a richer man. Life’s not a mystery, it’s just a set of facts that we cannot bear to face, and that’s OK, but you should know that, that is why I am still sometimes so afraid to show you who I really am, and why when I can you will see I’m just a punch drunk flying Superman, and if you will be my barefoot Cinderella, I will try to land, and try to walk with you. I’ll help you find your shoes, if I can. I know you keep me in your heart to help me to try to fly again. That’s why I always keep you in my mind, because your presence in my mind makes my mind so beautiful, and I will always love you for that. Yes, I will. Yes, I will. Yes, I will. Hmmm, yes, I will. Yes, I will. Yes, I will. Each day it seems there’s something more than I had noticed here before. Although sometimes, you know, yes, it’s just like this, still it’s not always so. I’m only distracted by my motion when I’m intent on standing still. And, if you let me have the time to just keep on tryin’ to break through, just to be human, well then, yes, I will. Hmmm, yes, I will. Yes, I will. Yes, I will. Hmmm, yes, I will. Yes, I will. Yes, I will.