Fourth album
Coming August 19, 2022 
Billboard’s Gary Graff says, Bill Scorzari’s third release, “Now I’m Free,” is “delicately nuanced” with “detailed arrangements.” "...Scorzari had good reason to enjoy the recording process this time around."
"Bill Scorzari is a force. His songwriting is stellar, his picking above par and his voice fits his songs perfectly."
NO DEPRESSION [Reviewing "Through These Waves" 2017]
"With his third album, Now I’m Free, New York-based singer-songwriter Bill Scorzari transcends titles like songwriter or poet. He catapults past categories into a dark, ruminative, and ultimately life-affirming realm where family folklore, memories, pain, prayer, and incantation meet."
- From the March/April 2020 issue of Acoustic Guitar, By Pat Moran
"I love this album. I’m going on record and naming Now I’m Free as the best album of 2019 and I’ll stand on anyone’s coffee table and say it. ...There are poets, there are songwriters, there are painters of fine art, and there’s Bill Scorzari. The new album, Now I’m Free is a bold and delicate balance of each. To say it is a thing of beauty is an understatement. ...Perhaps Dylan or Townes could go toe to toe, but my money’s on Scorzari."
- Making A Scene, By Viola Krouse 
"Bill Scorzari scores one of 2019's finest... There may be a handful of songwriters as good as Scorzari but no one else could deliver these stunning songs. It’s even deeper and every bit as good as his last one. Bigger names will get more recognition but Scorzari’s getting there. He did play the Newport Folk Festival this year. He has my vote for Americana Album of the Year."
- Glide Magazine, By Jim Hynes