Studio update for the "Just The Same" album

So, we're finally all dug out of about 24 inches of snow left here by blizzard "Nemo," and are going strong in the studio at Paradiddle Records, working with studio owner Bill Herman, towards completing the final tracks for the "Just The Same" album. We recently had Tom Ryan back in, adding a moving drum track to "Time, It Goes By" and we're looking forward to Tom's return from "Nawlins" for more drum/percussion work soon.  Billy Ryan has added sublime mandolin and banjo to the title track, "Eight of Nine (Just The Same)" and to "I Keep Rollin' On,"  with two others  ("Baby's Got A New Blue Dress" and "Time, It Goes By"), currently in the que for him. Thanks Billy! We also had a special treat last week, with Dan Doll (founder of the Long Island Fingerstyle Guitar Club) adding a mesmerizing National slide track to "Because of You."  Thanks to everyone for your contributions and continued support! Stay tuned!

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