Through These Waves Tour

It's been a busy and incredibly gratifying past couple of months out on the road, and I am so very grateful for everyone who has supported me on this journey. First and foremost, Lauren Jahoda, who has been at the very heart of everything from day-one, and who has made so many incredible things happen for me in such a short period of time that it just amazes me. It's impossible to adequately thank you for all that you've done. Jonah Tolchin who's artistic direction, support, advice and great friendship are cherished beyond measure. Everyone who performed on this record and made it sound so good. John Platt (WFUV), Erin Scholtz (Dream Spider) and Brad Paul (Brad Paul Media), for believing in me and in this record and devoting your time and great efforts to getting it heard. All of the good folks at WFUV (NY), WDVX (Knoxville, TN),  WMOT (Nashville, TN), WBCM (Bristol, VA), WETS (Johnson City, TN),  WKRFC (Fort Collins, CO), WFDU (Teaneck, NJ), WUSB (Stonybrook NY), WICN (Worcester, MASS.) and WFMU (Jersey City, NJ), and so many others,  meeting with  you for the in-studio performances and interviews, and getting to know you all is just pure joy. And thank you for keeping this record spinning! Because of you, tracking the performance of Through These Waves in the Americana Music Association and the Folk and Roots Music charts has been and continues to be an amazing and affirming experience. Driving across the Country (10,000 miles and counting), performing in new places, hearing the life-stories of so many great people I've met along the way, and getting to explore so many States that I'd never been to before has been life-changing. I'm looking forward to the upcoming show dates  and seeing you all again soon!  All the best, Bill S.

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