It's always great to be in Nashville, and even better to be playing and recording music there with some of the best musicians in town. They don't call it Music City for nothin' folks, but more than that, it's the people you meet there and spend your time with that make it a great place to be. This April/May I spent about three weeks in Nashville and while I was there, a bunch of such folks met with me at Skinny Elephant Recording in Inglewood TN, with Producer Neilson Hubbard and Engineer Dylan Alldredge at the helm. After all was said and done, we had 15 new songs recorded, mixed and ready for mastering in just 11 days. I'm happy to have had Will Kimbrough back, playing electric guitar and mandolin for this one, and on his birthday no less! Will played on my last record too, and its always good to be in his good company and making music together. Brent Burke, who also played on my last record, came back in to add some of his dobro mastery to the mix. There's simply none better folks. 'nough said. Erin Rae also stopped in and sang some beautiful harmony vocals on my new song called "It All Matters." A day or so later, The Americana Music Association announced Erin's nomination for Best Emerging Artist of 2019! If you haven't already, then when you hear her, you'll know why. Eamon McGloughlin also came in and put some of his very fine violin/fiddle work on these new songs (Eamon also played on my last record and it was great to spend time with him in the studio again, as always). It's also a great pleasure to have had Mike Rinne (Miranda Lambert), in the studio playin' the dog house and electric bass on this record. It's well deserved that Eamon and Mike have also been spotlighted by the AMA this year, with both of them being nominated for Best Instrumentalist of 2019! I'm truly honored to have them both adding their talents to this record. Neilson Hubbard, in addition to producing this record for me, also added drums and percussion. I can't imagine a better musical fit for these songs. I am so very grateful for Neilson. His performance and his ear for production really make these songs and this record move and come to life. Likewise, the layers and musical textures added by Juan Solórzano (lap steel and electric and 2nd acoustic guitars), Megan McCormick (lap steel and harmony vocals) and Mia Rose Lynne (harmony vocals) are simply amazing beyond words. Truly amazing. All of the songs were recorded live in the studio with minimal to no overdubbing or editing. It was all possible because, each one of these very fine musicians intently captured and then carried the very essence of these songs in their performances without a second thought or moments hesitation. In fact, there is more than one "first take" that will be featured on this album. I can't wait for you to hear how it all so very magically and naturally came together. Look for the new record this August/September and don't forget to check back here from time to time...  I've got some more very cool news I'm just waiting to share! All the best, Bill S.

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