Yesterday was the official release date for my 3rd album, “Now I’m Free,” and I am so excited to finally get this one out into the world! I have poured so much emotion, time, and effort into writing, recording, and releasing these songs, and now performing them live across the country, and it has been an amazing experience hearing from the audiences how the music is resonating with them in such positive and healing ways. And, yes, “It’s the way you look at where you’ve been that takes you where you are,” and right now I can see that, deep down, when all is said and done, processed and understood, I have passed through the storm and come to a clearing, and it’s a good feeling to be in this particular place, at this time. This is where I do belong and, right now I’m especially proud to be doing this and am looking forward to the rest of the upcoming live shows! I have a few in Washington, and then more in Oregon, and California before heading back to Colorado and all through Texas. After that I’ll start making my way back east from there, towards New York, with more stops to come along the way in TN, KY, VA, NC, DC and beyond. To my great comfort, at almost every turn since the creation of this album and throughout this tour, there has been someone who has given me an immeasurable amount of support when it was most needed. You all know who you are and how grateful I am for you! The truth is that it would have been incredibly difficult to have come this far without you all being there for me, and I am so very grateful for you. Let me say that again: I am so very grateful for you!!! Performing at the Newport Folk Festival on July 26 of this year was a surreal experience. Very truly a dream come true.  Receiving so many wonderful reviews of the album, a full album premiere by Billboard, and song premieres by The Bluegrass Situation and Americana Highways, has also been so humbling and positively affirming. I have put so much passion into this record. All one can really ask for is another’s willingness to listen. So again, I thank you all for listening. So, here I am writing this from a Subaru dealership in Marysville, Washington, where I’m getting an oil change and a tire rotation now that I’m about 5,700 miles into the tour. I hope to see you at the show in Everett, WA tonight and at the shows to come! When I get back to New York in November I’m hoping to spend some time writing some new music. I’ll be looking at things from a different perspective now and I’m excited to start it and to be able to share it with you when it’s done! Stay tuned for more good things to come! All the best, Bill S. 

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