Fun at Fontana's and... what's next!

It was great to perform at Fontana's in Brooklyn NY last Thursday night! This is a very cool place with a great crowd. Special thanks to sound engineer, John and Patrick at the bar. It's always good to meet new friends in new places...Alanna, Chase...Greg and the rest of the musicians who also performed, included.
We've got some very cool things coming up:
On February 26th, I'll be back at Barchord in Brooklyn NY (with the band this time!) and ...
on March 21st I'll be returning to Pianos in NYC (also with some of the band)!

Also, looking way out to April 17th, I will be performing with the Raddle Chains and Straw Walkers in Huntington, NY, at a very special concert event  organized and produced by "Heartstrings Presents."  International artstis/Newport Folk Festival and Americanafest alumni (for example), Frank Fairfield (with Tom Marion and/or Zak Sokolow), and Jonah Tolchin (Skye) and his band, will also be performing!!!

Keep a watch here for ticket info and  more details as the date draws near!

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