Many of the songs I wrote for my fourth/coming album were inspired by experiences I had while on tour promoting my 2019 release, “Now I’m Free.” While traveling through Utah, I met and spoke with a Navajo man and later spent several hours sitting on a mountainside in Salt Wash, playing the Native American Flute that I had started to learn to play about a year or so earlier. It was such a beautiful place, it was hard to leave there when the time came to get back to moving further down the road. Driving more than 11,000 miles across the country and back, from August through October 2019, was amazing. On the longer drives between shows, I’d sometimes reorganize my thoughts into Haiku, to pass the time. Watching the full moon disappear and reappear between the mountains in Wyoming, and feeling a frozen fragment of a waterfall melt in my hand after a three hour hike up a Colorado mountain to the base of the falls, are just some of the surreal moments from the road that I attempted to capture in rhythmic syllables and which I’ll never willingly forget. When I returned home after the end of the tour, I used those Haikus and more, for the lyrics for a new song that now breaks my previous formidable record for long running prose set to even longer running passages of music. In its conception, I had thought that it would be the only song on this album to feature the Native American Flute, but as I was waiting for two flutes to be built for it, in the key of D, I continued to develop ideas for the part by playing my “key of G” and “key of C” flutes to some of the other songs that I have also recorded for this album. In doing that, I discovered that the flute’s voice was a perfect fit for another of those songs, which, I’m happy to say, I just finished tonight. I’m really excited about how this one took on a life of its own, unexpectedly, in a very moving way, that’s also tying it to other sounds that I had planned from the beginning of this project. It’s very gratifying when you start to hear common themes emerging in a unifying way, spontaneously, from song to song, while being driven by your focus on the planned parts. When the songs start to awaken and breathe on their own and then together that way, it’s a really good feeling. I’m so looking forward to sharing this album with you all when it’s done!  

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