July 10, 2023 update on the making of my 5th album.


We’ll, I’ve finished the acoustic guitar and vocal parts for song five, for the new album, and it’s most definitely calling for some banjo now. I wound up with this one after I bought a Fender resonator a while back, from Pro Music in Fairbanks, Alaska. It sounded great at first, but after a while the neck started to separate from the body — which is pretty much always a bad thing. When I contacted Fender about it, they told me they had discontinued that model resonator and they very graciously offered to replace it with any other Fender acoustic instrument of my choosing. I needed a banjo at the time, so I asked if it could be this one for the trade. I shipped the resonator to them (they said they were going to shred it), and they sent me this sweet banjo. I’ve had it for a number of years now and it’s a really great instrument. I’m getting set up to use it to track some banjo for song five today, and still feeling the Fender love.


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