Album #5 Update - October 18, 2023!

Hey Folks!

After my recent house concert in Waco, Kentucky and attendance at AmericanaFest in Nashville this September, I took a drive to Seneca, South Carolina for some lakeside r & r. The peace and solitude there brought on some spontaneous songwriting which may or may not find its way onto the new album that I've been working on. I've got so many songs to record for it already, it might be a challenge to decide how many, and which ones, will make it onto this release, but, like everything else, that will all get sorted out in its own time.

So, as of today, and since my last post here, I've finished my parts for the 7th and 8th songs, “All This Time” and “From Your Heart,” for this album, and just this morning I started recording the ninth song, “Open Door.” I used a nylon string, “Classical" guitar for “All This Time” and a Gibson Custom-Shop Southern Jumbo for “From Your Heart.” Both of these songs have just acoustic guitar and vocal tracks so far, and will likely stay pretty sparse, production wise, when they're done. I expect that the same will be true for “Open Door” as well. In fact, I believe that most of the rest of the songs that I plan to record for this album, will also lean more toward the “Singer-Songwriter” side of production than the “Full Band” arrangements that some of the earlier-recorded songs will have. I'm excited about the contrast and variety that the two approaches will bring to this album and I'm really enjoying putting it all together. With an ever-developing vision of how the remaining tracks will fit in with the ones I've already recorded, my aim is to maintain aesthetic continuity in the listening experience throughout the album, even as the production varies significantly from song to song. So far, it's been working out really well. 

I feel blessed and grateful to be in this space, where I can focus on the heart of these songs and record them in a way that I believe best tells the stories within each of them, and I'm very much looking forward to being able to share them all with you when this album is finished. I invite you to check back here again when you're so inclined, so I can bring you up to date again as I continue to move forward with the recording of this album.

With so much love and gratitude,
Bill S.

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