"Through These Waves" Released Today!

Well, today is the day! 'Through These Waves' is now available! Words can't describe how important this record is to me. Get yours today and listen in on a dream come true! 

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/through-these-waves/id1207016871 
Bandcamp: http://billscorzari.bandcamp.com/album/through-these-waves 
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4HH9nF0He27wrc3G4Uc5ow 
CD Baby: https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/ 

"...once in awhile... just once in awhile...you find one and, man, it's a rush. Case in point, a compact disc by Bill Scorzari titled Through These Waves...Bill Scorzari is a force. His songwriting is stellar, his picking above par and his voice fits his songs perfectly. The album itself is a knockout. ..performances are topnotch all-around...I give this a solid A, top to bottom. I give 'Hound Dog Diggin'' an A+ for the groove alone." 
No Depression m
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"Bill Scorzari has a lived-in voice that says, 'Listen to these songs.' They spring from the earth and the ocean with an open heart and the wisdom of experience." 
John Platt / WFUV 
WFUV Interview 

"One of 2017’s best albums so far comes from New York-based Bill Scorzari ... The crisp, organic interplay of both acoustic and electric instruments perfectly frame Scorzari’s weathered, raspy voice that many have described as “singular” or ’idiosyncratic.” Just to give you some clues, head in the direction of Tom Waits or Malcolm Holcombe. Scorzari’s voice is in that neighborhood but still stands apart. And, then there are his thoughtful, cinematically shaped songs that continue to resonate after repeated listens. Yes, this is a “must hear” for singer-songwriter aficionados." 
Elmore Magazine 
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"Scorzari’s songs are consistently profound, poetic, and emotional; and his voice—as gravelly and compelling as Tom Waits’s—is counterpointed beautifully with strings and, on the gorgeous “More of Your Love,” a female vocalist. This is one of the most compelling albums by a little-known artist that I’ve heard in a while." 
The Morton Report 
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"Scorzari’s songs are often about seeking a kindred soul and in that finding solace. There is a poetic grace that makes them worth listening to and reading." 
Lonesome Highway 
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 "An album that is serene, uplifting, and powerful, Through These  Waves is a gem waiting to be discovered." 
The Daily Country 
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"I'm not sure how often albums as compelling as Bill Scorzari's Through These Waves appear in my life, but I'll take a guess at about once every two years...maybe three... Artists that have this ability are rare--Waits, Dylan, Cohen, and today's John Moreland and Jason Isbell--and aren't musicians so much as world-class poets that happened to pick up a guitar. Again, it's impossible to join this club by only being 99% genuine." 
Lonesome Banjo Chronicles 
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"Scorzari sings, but his version of singing is more of the spoken poetry with a pulsating vibration timbre that Sam Baker has perfected over the course of four albums and innumerable gigs. He connects with listeners by creating soundscapes that reveal descriptions of mood and atmosphere more than character. You listen and think, Yes—I’ve felt that..." 
Fervor Coulee 
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“... he’s a songwriter of the highest order with a three pack a day voice that sounds nothing like that during every day conversation. When he’s on stage though, that voice will make you pay attention to lyrics that can turn a phrase, make you think or make you thankful that there’s someone out there to relate to.” 
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"...Scorzari has struck gold on what is only his second album, Through These Waves...His style of music occasionally reminds me of Sam Baker, the wistfulness and precise nature of the songs and wondrous beauty, and arguably his greatest attribute honesty the record is one of the finest I have stumbled across in a long time." 
Flying Shoes (UK) 
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Stay tuned for more exciting news to come! 

All the best, 
Bill S.  


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